Professional In-ear Stage Monitoring System

LP-PT100 wireless transmitter and receiver supports long range transmission -It can reach up to 300 meters/1000ft in an open area, transmitted stable & clear signal 200 -300 meters (650-1000 feet) through wood and drywall.

 The wireless transmitter receiver system / the speaker kit  supports HDCD Audio Quality- Digital transmission without compression or compromise, 64-bit digital wireless sound quality and 20-20kHz frequency response, to ensure the clearest Stereo sound, HIFI quality, low noise and latency.

 Wireless audio transmitter receiver Mode Selectable – one product can be used as either a transmitter or receiver. User can choose the mode according to the needs.

Audio Interface

Each product supports 3.5mm stereo audio and microphone interface, supports audio input & output at the same time.

Small Size and Stylish Apprearance

73.4*120.0*12.5mm, easy to operate with one hand; lightweight no more weight burden during use. Delicate, fashion design with Glass Panel.

Battery Powered

Powered by built-in battery, it can work for over 6 hours outdoors, it is easy to be charged by any USB devices.


Wireless Transmitter for TV

Connect wireless transmitter with TV, wireless receiver can connect to speakers to create true wireless home theater system or wireless background system.

Wireless Transmitter for Camera/ Wireless Microphone for Camera

With social media rapid developed, there are more and more people start online streaming. When people recording the video or online streaming, the cordless microphone and its clear voice recording is also important. Connect the camera microphone in bodypack transmitter, receiver is connected with camera. The great thing about professional microphone for camera is that they allow you to record hands-free. Once you have it positioned correctly, you won't even have to think about the microphone.

Wireless Instrument Microphone System

Connect transmitter with instrument, connect receiver with earphones or speakers. The simple and true wireless instrument system is accomplished.

 Wireless Tour Guide System

The LP-PT100 wireless audio transmitter and receiver can be applied to wireless tour guide system. It supports 200 -300 meters transmission and 30 channels works simultaneously. That means the wireless audio guide system satisfied 30 tour guide groups at same time. What’s more, transmitter and receiver mode can be switched in each product, which greatly saved the cost for preparing more spare devices.

In-ear Monitors for Musicians

The wireless transmitter and receiver cab be applied to in-ear monitor.