In-ear Monitor Eearphone

LP-IE100F is professional music earphone in ear stage monitor system. It provides stable and quality HIFI music sound for every musician and singer.   Dual Dynamic Drivers 7mm High Pitch unit+9mm bass unit, Three frequency analysis, stronger sense of dimensional. Create a clear treble, stable midrange, low bass sound. High Performance and Compatibility Earphones with medium frequency and one-handed low frequency give users an exciting listening experience. Cochlear artificial learning makes wearing comfortably and firmly. 3BA BALANCED structure The headphones are equipped with a pure TRIPLE balanced frame on each side to enhance internal mixing technology and sound quality, high-performance audio headphones. Ergonomically designed, comfortable to wear. The smooth shape and cushioning of the earplugs, the soundproof earphones ensure perfect fit and sealing in the ear, providing external noise and sound, enjoying music without losing any rhythm. Rugged ergonomic design, each driver’s independent sound channel will not be distorted, giving users long-term use and enjoy music. Memory ear hooks The earphones use a strong soundproof material to reduce external noise. They have memory hooks so they can keep their ears in shape. The ergonomic and comfortable earplugs are designed to prevent falling. It is important for people who needs the stable wearing such as at stage performance or doing sports. Quad-core energy sound more explosive. Natural balance convergence ability combined with the advantages of double moving circle through a variety of innovative technology to change the sound of reflection. Absorb enlarge, make the sound transparent resolution better, sound field wider. There are many choices for headphones earbuds, in ear earphones, LP-IE100F provides a great selection for every customer.